Learning Objective: Comprehend the Cambridge evaluation pattern and train the teachers on preparation of the students for the checkpoint examination.

Enhance the understanding of the taught curriculum and familiarise with the teaching and learning methodology. Scaling teachers learning helps them enhance their subject knowledge and mend their approaches as per the latest requirements and learning strategies. The middle school Math and English faculty attended a Cambridge Extension Workshop for Lower Secondary in Chennai. It was a 2 day workshop conducted by their experienced panel of trainers who have been working with Cambridge for over 10 years and have been their examiners and curriculum design panel.

Cambridge has a spiral model where each topic is overlapped to the other stage, the training emphasised on understanding the different strands in detail and how they can be merged to develop a lesson plan. As planning plays an important role in giving clarity of the topic and being prepared for the class, many group activities were designed for developing planners and understanding the scheme of work in detail. Lower secondary appears for the checkpoint in grade 8 and its an important milestone for the students and teachers, preparing them for their higher secondary IGCSE exams. How to prepare the children for the checkpoint, discussing question paper, understanding the rubrics and expectations of the examiners helped teachers gain the perspective of the board and clarity on the focus areas while executing the curriculum.

This training helped teachers build a Cambridge forum where best practices are shared across different schools from the country. Everybody’s perspective to look at the same topic and how differently can it be implemented. The session concluded with a presentation by each faculty on a subject related active learning topic, this was a great knowledge sharing session where each one contributed on the activities, the strategy etc. These sessions open the doors to an ongoing learning for the teachers by relationship building and best practice sharing.


Some moments: