The day of “Holi” celebration started with exchange of sweets that they brought from home. All the geckos shared the happiness and love among themselves by applying organic colours to each other. The geckos enthusiastically participated in various activities like music and dance.The geckos also applied organic colour to facilitators to make the celebration veritable. As the school wanted to promote dry holi for the sake of scarcity of water in the town, the facilitators explained and made the gecko’s play only dry holi using organic colours.

LEARNING OUTCOME: The geckos knowledgeably got aware of the reason to celebrate “HOLI” and realized the purpose of it as well. The geckos diagnosed  warmth, tenderness and affection in a celebration. They also understood how a celebration amalgamates and displays culture of our country. Children embraced each other and learnt the importance of togetherness as it lead to joy and fun.

Coordinators: Home room teachers


Some fun moments: