A guest talk was organized on ‘responsibility for the well-being of other living things’ by the Forest Range Officer, Ms. N. Kavitha on 18th February 2020 in the Nanakramguda campus. The participants were the Nursery geckos and the facilitators.

Guest talks provide an enriching learning opportunity to the students to enhance their knowledge and gain from the expertise of the guest speaker. They make connections by relating with real world scenarios through the experts’ perspective. The guest talks facilitate the inquiry further and encourage the students to build their communication skills through the interaction during these sessions.

Our Nursery geckos were inquiring about the responsibility for the well-being of other living things. Ms. N Kavitha, Forest Range Officer helped our geckos to understand how to take care of plants by sharing her experiences with them. The geckos exhibited curiosity and asked several questions to gain further knowledge.  They also had a very interactive session wherein they shared with enthusiasm how they take care of other living things such as taking care of plants by watering them, taking care of pets, etc. It was an enriching experience for the learners and the facilitators of Nursery to how to be a responsible towards other living things.


Some pics: