Guest talks are an important part of the educational experience for students. They expose students to real-world life experiences. Students get to see the insight and perspective of the guest speaker.

Our geckos are currently inquiring about communicating through play and how it facilitates expressions, feelings, ideas and new understandings. In this connection, a guest talk by Mr. Bishan Satapathy, a theatre artist, was organized to provide them with an opportunity to understand how we can communicate through puppets.

The guest talk began with an ice-breaking session, wherein the geckos arranged themselves in a bigger circle and introduced themselves in an interesting way. Our guest speaker asked the geckos to imitate him as he made funny postures, formed letters using hands and legs, walked in a funny way and pretended to be a puppet himself.  They thoroughly enjoyed being part of such an engaging experience.

Mr. Satapathy later taught our geckos how to make a figure puppet. In order to make them understand that we can communicate through puppets he asked them to sit in groups and create their own story using finger puppets. The geckos displayed enthusiasm during this task. They used their thinking skills and came up with creative stories using their puppets. They presented their stories to their peers. The objective of the guest talk was achieved as the geckos gained an understanding of how we can communicate through play.


Some highlights: