Grade 5 team visited green godrej building with regards to our inquiry into finite resources. The purpose of this visit was to get more information and get inspired to take action for our exhibition. We are very thankful to Ms.Pooja who was a great guide in our visit,when we started, we went to the display / exhibition room where we got to know about fly ash bricks.

Fly ash bricks are made through recycling of the remains of coal and it absorbs least quantity of heat which is the best thing about it and we also got to know about the direction of the top glass which is used to light the place. the glasses used in the building had 2 layers and were filled with inert gas which doesn`t absorb heat and keeps inside cool. Next, we went to the courtyard where we got to know about vertical walls and jalliwalls. Vertical walls were covered with plants and jalliwalls were the walls with holes through which the hot air is compressed and it gets cool.

Then we went to the mini garden where they grow veggies, we got to know that you can use the 10 to 20 meters of the top soil because it is most fertile for plants.To retain that soil they use mesh, also animals get attracted towards those gardens by flowers and fruits. We also got to know about few new concepts which are net zero and microclimate. Last but not the least we went to see the wind tower and we got to know that instead of A.C. they use fresh air to cool their site.

Finally we had our lunch and after that we got to know about the lipstick plant and when the other girls applied it they were looking like ghosts he…..he….he.. so moms be careful! We had a great day!


Some pictures of the visit: