Our tiny little geckos are enjoying the ongoing unit of inquiry ‘Animals’ and are busy exploring various facts about them.

In the process of learning about domestic animals, they learned the difference between farm animals and pet animals. A lot of discussions and other learning engagements took place for the Geckos to know more about the farm animals, but nothing is more interesting than experiencing it practically in our very own Kollur campus. It was exciting for the learners to see, touch, listen to the farm animals and knowing about them by watching them in action.

The Geckos were very curiously waiting to see the process of milking of cows. They got an opportunity to meet a cow, two calves and two horses. Our Geckos enthusiastically saw the milking of the cow and inquired about them by asking many questions to the milkman. They were cooperative, principled while watching the process and became knowledgeable.

A few of them also enjoyed horse riding whereas others were cheering up for their peers which was an exciting sight for everyone. They interacted with the care taker to know more about the horses.

The Geckos started talking about all the products they can get from milk. They listed the products like paneer, butter, ice cream, chocolate, curd and so on.

To make the inquiry more interesting, the Geckos were shown the process of making Lassi followed by which they enjoyed the Lassi party at the amphitheatre.

Throughout the event, the Geckos were very principled, they also learnt how to interact empathetically with the farm animals. They became responsible and promised to take care of the animals.


Some pictures: