Graduation day was a day of reliving all the moments of happiness and learning for grade 5 geckos.

The felicitation of students was honored by our Vice President Mr. Rajashekaram Robbie and our beloved Principal Mrs. Hema Surpaneni.

Geckos performed dance, skit on value-based education and also sang a song expressing their journey and experience in grade 5.

Post the graduation ceremony, our Principal Mrs. Hema Surapaneni addressed the gathering and conducted an orientation to choose the curriculum for grade 6.

This created awareness two curriculums we offer for middle school the International curriculum Cambridge and National curriculum CBSE. The orientation helped the parents choose the best-suited curriculum for their ward.

To get better clarity on the evaluation process sample question papers were shared with the parents and students on, the appearance of the paper and types of questions and how the children can attempt the paper, based on logical reasoning or conceptual understanding.

The parents also came up with a number of questions based on the curriculum and would it be possible switching from Cambridge to CBSE. Most of their queries were resolved, and the session concluded with an overwhelming applaud by the parents.


Key moments: