Art exhibition refers to art projects, presentations, or products through which students exhibit what they have learned. This usually is a way of demonstrating whether and to what degree they have achieved in comparison with the expected learning standard or learning objectives. An exhibition is typically both a learning experience in itself and a means of evaluating skill progress and achievement.

To help children in expanding their imagination and knowledge of the world they live in, an art exhibition by the students from Grade -2 to Grade -9 was conducted on 13 &14 April at our school premises. It received an overwhelming response both by the children as well as by the parents. Beautiful  paintings of different forms was displayed such as Cave art, Madhuvani, Warli, Miniature, Jamini roy style, Realistic and abstract. They also displayed painting from different cultures like Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, French, European, Caribbean, African, Egyptian, Arbian, Native American style. The exhibition was appreciated by our Honourable guests. It surely displayed the talent and love towards art possessed by our children. The beautiful paintings and art work left the spectators mesmerised.

Some highlights: