Summer is here, so

let’s have some fun

Let’s be cool

and hang out by the pool


Towards the end of the academic session, Grade2 Geckos chilled out and could relax and enjoy during the hot summer through the pool party.

Our Geckos eagerly waited for the pool party as they started preparing for the event well in advance.  As we inched closer to the D-Day, the excitement was palpable. On the day of the party, all our Geckos surprisingly came fully prepared for the fun with their costumes. They had a whale of a time in the pool by splashing water on each other and showing off their swimming skills amid the party music.

The most cherishable moment was to observe our children bond with each other by spending some time in the pool without quarrelling with each other. After spending some time in the pool, Geckos participated in the rain dance. To say that the Geckos enjoyed, would be an understatement and the fun time they had was evident throughout the splash pool party.


Some pics: