Student Led conference: -SLC is an opportunity to connect with families face to face and a good interactive session. The basic concept –Students lead the conferences about their academic progress and show parents about their learnings in the school. Children take ownership of expressing their learning experience and work samples. SLC is a platform to enhance students speaking skills and confidence.

Geckos were really excited to decorate their classes for SLC to showcase their good work. They gave their full contribution to make their class rooms beautiful and did revision of the respective topics.

It was an opportunity for young minds to showcase their learning in different ways. From giving talks about the various concepts that a child has learnt, to displaying their works or summing up all they have learnt through activities, projects to DIYs. These are some of the highlights of an SLC. Our EYP geckos also had the opportunity to be involved in discussing their work and progress with their parents. It was commendable to see them confidently and independently take charge of the classroom and speak and reflect on the learning that they have done though out the year. It was the hard work and dedication that they put.


Some highlights: