“The first wealth is health.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The geckos of PP2 conducted a food fest on Friday, 26 of July 2019, to promote healthy eating. Although many people feel eating ‘healthy food’ may seem difficult to follow, the geckos ended up advocating the importance of healthy eating hosting this vibrant event.

The geckos of The Gaudium celebrated a day of healthy eating in their own way! From the very first stage of planning, how they would celebrate the Food Fest to the final stage, execution, the geckos of Nursery, PP1 and PP2 displayed a high level of enthusiasm. They emphasized on how and why healthy eating is significantly important for healthy living.

They geckos offered a spread of healthy food options –  variety of fruits and vegetable salads, sandwiches and a healthy drink, the  lemonade. It was interesting to see the geckos connecting their learning to the knowledge they acquired from the last month’s guest talk session by the nutritionist, thus enhancing the knowledge. The geckos shared their understanding of the  nutrients we get living on a balanced diet and its nutrients.

The day went by eating healthy, nutritious, yet yummy food and spreading awareness about the importance of eating healthy for a healthy living.


Some pictures: