Reading stories and parading characters!

Stories are an inseparable part of children’s life. Children are fascinated by unique and interesting characters of stories. Sometimes they even try to imitate them. Getting a chance to come dressed up like their favourite characters is a sheer joy for children. Understanding this, and as a part of the theme of the week or month, character parades are organized at schools. Though the key objective of the event is to promote the excitement of reading stories and enhance communication skills, it also gives children a golden opportunity to enjoy the fun of dressing up like their favourite story character. Other than this, children get to observe so many new story characters parading as the entire class and their teachers come dressed up like their favourite characters. The curiosity to know the names of other characters and their costumes urges them to ask questions and interact. In these curious interactions, they come across new characters and thus new storybook titles.

On 2 August, the geckos of Nursery had their character parade to showcase their favourite story characters. This was to help the little geckos learn and explore more about stories, under their ongoing theme “How we express ourselves”. The geckos came dressed up, paraded flaunting the dress and exhibited their communication skills as they talked about their characters.

It was a pleasure watching our dynamic geckos participating enthusiastically in the character parade. The facilitators of Nursery also came dressed in their favourite story characters to encourage the little ones. The event was applauded by all our geckos as they witnessed colourful characters from different stories coming alive, talking and walking. It was indeed a day of joyful learning and fun!


Some pictures: