Organo is an organic community which adopts an organic and sustainable way of life. It is a first housing community which is incorporated to the strands of sustainability including food, water, air, shelter, animals and energy. Our geckos of grade 3 were taken to Organo in order to show how the Organo community believes in the urbanization of the earth resources and how do they conserve the earth resources. They implicit how the Organo community saves water, food, energy and understood how the cow dung in Organo is used for Biogas. They observed the Solar panels in the community and inquired about it. The geckos understood that solar panels are used to absorb the sun rays as a source of energy for generating electricity. The geckos were enthusiastic and curious during their trip to Organo. They have gained the profile Knowledgeable and Inquirer during their visit to Organo.

Learning Objective: Conserve Earth Resources


Some highlights: