The geckos of grade 3 conducted an awareness campaign in the Gaudium School on how to conserve the earth resources. They went to various departments starting from the director of the Gaudium, Mrs. Keerthi Reddy, Vice president Mr. Rajasekaram Robbi, and the Principal Mrs. Hema Surapaneni, the staff, their junior geckos and the sub-staff Of Gaudium. The geckos presented on how to conserve the earth resources by conveying on the usage of the different coloured dustbins i.e. Green which stands for organic waste, Blue stands for wet waste, Yellow stands for glass or plastic, White stands for paper waste, Red stands for hazardous waste and Grey stand for waste like metals and other ironic waste. They stated the importance of these garbage bins and specified that segregation of garbage in these bins helps us to prevent from land pollution and also helps in recycling. They also spread the awareness on not to waste food, not to use plastic or plastic bags and instead of plastic bags we can use cloth or jute bags, not to waste water as its one of the important earth resources. They also spoke about the disadvantages of deforestation. The geckos presented their awareness campaigning enthusiastically by indicating with attractive and creative posters and slogans on earth resources and its conservation. They imbibed the profile communicator and the attitude creativity and respect.

Learning Objective: Awareness Campaigning on Conservation of earth resources.


Pictures from the event: