Field trips play an important role in learning. They link the classroom experience with the outside world and in doing so they drastically improve the process of learning, and also give both the learners and educator valued practical experience.

In order to connect with our Inquiry in a better way we chose to go on a field trip to Star Hyper Market, Gachibowli. The children saw a wide variety of food and goods which help us to follow healthy habits on a day to day basis.

The trip was a success as the Geckos exhibited high level of enthusiasm and at the same time followed the essential agreements, like walking in a line, listening to their teacher and even greeted people with their smiles. They were principled and it was truly an enriching experience that helped them enhance their social skills.

Our Geckos identified healthy and unhealthy food very enthusiastically. They exclaimed confidently that chocolates, ice cream, cakes, chips etc. are unhealthy although they surely were more excited while exploring the junk food zone. They were also curious to see the frozen food section and explored the meat zone watching fish, chicken and meat quite carefully. Their observations were not restricted to food. They also pointed out items that we use to brush teeth, wash hands, take a bath etc.. They also spent time discussing floor cleaners, detergents and dishwashing soaps mentioning that they clean the germs.

After returning, we engaged the geckos in a very interesting spider web activity to help them recollect and reflect all that they saw and further discussed the importance of each item they saw at the supermarket.

This educational, interactive experience is sure to leave a lasting impression with the geckos.

Learning Objective: To help the kids explore their choices and practically understand the healthy and non-healthy food

Some highlights: