Geckos of grade 4 visited the KBR national park to inquire more about their next unit of inquiry on ‘Biodiversity’ under the theme ‘Sharing the planet’. It was just a visit but they smashed this trip in one of the most memorable experiences of their life. The walk through the park was filled with excitement and uncertainty. They learnt the biological names of many familiar trees and animals and understood about their medicinal properties. They realized that the nature is endowed with all the beautiful creatures. They were curious to know more about the natural vegetation and rare species. They saw the sandalwood tree which is rare and valuable which is preserved by the government of Telangana state. It’s a versatile national park with all the boons of nature. A home to wildlife and natural vegetation as well as a place where immense knowledge dwells. Their observation concluded that the surrounding is filled with all types of living organisms and non-living things. They had an informative trip while enjoying the serene ambience.​

Facilitators: Homeroom Teachers


Some highlights of the visit: