All Pre Primary geckos came dressed up in traditional wear for Diwali celebration. The day started with assembly where geckos performed dance, theatre and song on Diwali. Principal gave a short speech on importance of happy and safe Diwali. Each gecko brought one piece of sweet from their place and shared with their peers, teachers, Principal and admin staff.They prepared a small greeting card as a take away for their friends,parents, cousins and grandparents. Teachers celebrated Diwali with plain and noise proof sparklers with their class geckos. Gecko from each class were felicitated on IB Profile and Attitude of the month, that is, Open minded, Tolerance and Appreciation respectively.Festival teaches us important values of life. Teachers imbibed sharing and caring values in geckos of the Gaudium. As a part of festival, Geckos got their old toys, clothes, grains, books as a donation for the needy people. They happily participated in ” Joy of Giving ” drive and donated their stuff to the needy people.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers & Pooja Kalambe


Some highlights: