We started our ‘Terrific Tuesday’ with lots of enthusiasm. The kids were jubilant that they had a ‘Treasure hunt’ today. Curiosity mounted when they
were given their clues. Children got into four teams and each team had to solve their riddles like ‘It has lots of stories, but cannot tell them’, Now take an obtuse angle and reach where the tools are when you are feeling creative, Chal re basanti, Rickshaw bagao, etc. which led them to the next location e.g. library, amphitheatre, Infirmary, Art-room, play area, etc. Each one was frantically searching for next clue. The Finders team cracked their last clue and found the treasure in the rickshaw outside. Then they explained the treasure findings to their peers. Enthusiastic and Inquirer geckos inquired that why and how this treasure is connected with this inquiry and central idea. They also discussed and explained the key concepts – Function and connection through this treasure hunt. Geckos concluded that while doing this task they became knowledgeable and improved their research and thinking skills.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some moments from the hunt: