Empowering Educators, Creating Inspired Teachers, a conference to create a network of inspired teachers was held at Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet. It was organised by Scholastic India.

The conference was designed to provide grade level and subject specific professional development opportunities to participants to help them gain new skills and knowledge to better the lives and education of students.The conference began with a keynote address by Dr Naunihaal, a reputed paediatrician who talked about the importance of knowing how to give first aid and CPR. This was followed by a session on ‘Numeracy and Literacy’ by Mr Neeraj Jain, MD Scholastics. He talked about the importance of developing reading skills in early years. Afterwards there were workshops for teachers. There were 16 workshops in both the morning session as well as the afternoon session and the participant  teachers could choose different workshops and take advantage of the wide range of topics that were covered. Two teachers from our school- Mr Lavan Kumar and Mrs Anita Sreejit got the opportunity to attend this conference. They attended sessions on “Effective teaching and learning practices in top performing nations, Math and literacy, Personal Development and ICT. These sessions enlightened them and helped them learn new skills.The session on Effective Teaching Learning practices was taken by Ms Sarita Mathur, who has been a visionary math teacher. She talked about some effective practices being followed in countries like Japan, China, Finland. In the schools in these countries, a lot of time is spent on developing conceptual understanding in math and less on written work. A concept is introduced through a scenario or a real life problem. Concrete-pictorial-abstract approach is used to develop a thinking, engaged and confident mind in students. Such creative sessions truly inspire and empower teachers.


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