The visit to the Birla Museum was planned for the geckos with the intention of taking them on a journey of the lifestyle of the early humans of the Stone Age. The geckos were fascinated to see the various crude and fine stone implements and tools and the different specimens of the pottery and everyday articles of use of the period. History came alive for them.

The geckos were also amazed to see the relics of the Stone Age in the form of fossils. The remains of the dinosaurs and fossilized dinosaur eggs drew the most attention from the geckos.

The second part of the visit entailed the geckos going to the Planetarium where they saw the 3D show and it helped them get a clearer idea about the solar system. Furthermore they were made aware of the presence of other galaxies and many other heavenly bodies in the universe.

This field trip also helped foster a sense of curiosity and helped develop the profile of an enquirer in our geckos.

This field trip definitely added a zing to the learning experience of our geckos.

Learning Outcome: To investigate and learn more about the Stone Age


Few highlights: