Geckos of Grade 1 2 and 3 showcased their learning outcomes of Bakery visit at country oven by taking part in the ‘Bake Sale’ that was organized at Gaudium campus. The sale also fits in with the theme on ‘Community Helpers’ and ‘Neighborhood Places’ to get hands on experience as bakers and shopkeepers.

Student Actions: The geckos brought home made baked products such as chocolate chip and nuts cookies, cake, pastries, cupcakes, muffins, brownies that were decorated colorfully with M&M’s, icing, and also wrapped them elegantly for the display at the bake sale. Our geckos were dressed to the ninth as they looked every inch, a baker with the costume and the baker’s hat that was made in their art & craft class. They enthusiastic welcomed their parent customers to their ‘bakery stations’ where they sold the various treats that were up for sale. They also charmed the customers visiting their stall with the song “Baker’s Truck.”

Student Learning: It was one more fun filled day at Gaudium where the staff students and parents gathered to support the Geckos to get the hang of Farmers market a culture that is diminishing with the advent of big mega marts and e-stores. It was a good learning experience because they had fun and enjoyed selling the bakery products and it gave an opportunity for them to apply the skills that were acquired from their Inquiry cycle on ‘Community Helpers’. Through the real-time bakery set up our geckos applied the concept of “Money” such as addition, subtraction, total, gain, loss etc that were taught in their math class. The applications and outcomes of the market set up was so brad that we got to see their social skills, customer services, communication skills, and math skills.


Some key highlights: