The IB strongly believes in developing Internationally minded individuals and focuses at incorporating the essence of international mindedness in every subject group. International mindedness integrates the concept of being the global citizen, where the responsibilities and interdependence is not local, it is global. An internationally-minded individual tends to be open-minded about common humanity and accepts other cultures, beliefs and the natural environment with respect. These individuals easily adapt in any environment and work towards creating a better and peaceful world.

We at Gaudium strive to develop an internationally-minded community by developing the skills of thoughtful critical perspectives, cultural understanding and awareness on global issues. We work towards building these skills by incorporating them in the curriculum framework. At the beginning of this unit, the students were introduced to the concepts of global citizenship and the responsibilities that entail with being a global citizen. The students were exposed to different problems the world is facing currently through Videos, News articles, images, etc. and the discussions lead towards the importance of every individuals’ actions towards resolving these problems.

In this unit, students explored Deforestation, Plastic pollution, Poverty & Child rights. Throughout the unit they grasped the concept of how important our own actions help to maintain the ecological balance and sustainability of Earth. They also discussed their own responsibilities and contributions towards becoming a global citizen. They brainstormed on the attributes of an internationally-minded individual, they questioned themselves about if these individuals comprise the IB Learner profile attributes? Then they tried to evaluate themselves against these attributes and narrowed down if they possess these attributes, and how they can build on and enhance these attributes in themselves.

To assimilate this, the young minds of MYP1, came up with identifying and working towards finding solutions for one critical problem plaguing most parts of the world. They identified to work towards and learn more about Child labor, Pollution & Poverty.

Keeping in mind the UN’s 17 sustainable goals, students came up with plausible solutions that could be undertaken to tackle these global issues. The students were given the task of coming up with few local and global observations. They worked towards imploring solutions for these problems. While working with their identified solutions, the class came up with a common understanding that no action is small and it is never late to take action. It was a pleasure being part of this student’s learning journey.


Some highlights: