The cruciality of high school students to get proper, timely support and counsel on their future career path is very imperative as it forms the base of decision making which builds their career ahead. Many students have the aspiration of studying abroad but presently are in a dilemma because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Thus, our school Career Counsellor organized a webinar on 14th August 2020 which discussed this very topic and which included opportunities and challenges of studying abroad in the present times and in the post COVID era. There was a special emphasis on studying in countries like Germany, Finland, New Zealand, and the USA.

The session commenced with the introduction of the CEO and the founder of ‘The Institute of Management and Foreign Studies’ (IMFS) Mr K.P. Singh. He has coached many students to attain their dreams of studying in international universities and achieving their desired career goals across his journey of 21 years. The Institute provides GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL coaching services helping the students get admissions to top-ranked universities. Mr K.P. Singh explained in detail regarding the opportunities and the edge the students get by studying in the reputed universities abroad. The undergraduate programs and the graduate programs were described in detail along with the entry requirements by the universities.

This session was followed by Ms Linda’s demonstration in the webinar. She is the director of E U consultancy which represents Anhalt University in Germany. Anhalt is a public university based in Germany, offers many programs in diverse fields such as Engineering, Business, Digital media and game development, Food processing, Architecture, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology engineering, etc. The various advantages that the students receive on graduating from Anhalt University, Germany were analyzed in detail. The entry requirements were also shared with the participants and emphasis was on the knowledge of the German language. How the participants can prepare for admission and conveniently learn German before applying for admission were shared by organizers as well. The various opportunities awaiting the students in Germany once they complete the Undergraduate program were highlighted.

The session was concluded with a vote of thanks to The Gaudium School management for organizing this career counselling session. The participants were happy with the webinar and counsel offered to them.


Some highlights: