Every colour has its own importance. Colour can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things, and ideas. Like Red symbolizes vitality, White purity and Green life, Yellow is for wisdom and intellectual energy.

To recapitulate and reinforce the effects of the colour yellow, Geckos at the Gaudium School have celebrated “Yellow day “on 25th January 2019.This day was dedicated to the yellow colour. The children and the staff of the Gaudium have dressed in different hues and tints of yellow colour. Children in general love colours and it is always a special treat when a colour day is celebrated in the school.

To start the day, we had a special assembly for all the geckos in the campus. It was a beautiful sight to watch all the geckos twinning in yellow colour. They looked so happy and bright. One of the facilitators have spoken about the importance of yellow day marking the winning aspects of the yellow colour such as optimism, enlightenment and happiness. After the assembly geckos went back to their classes and they looked like beams of yellow shade while walking.

The class rooms were decorated where one could sense a lot of positive energy just by stepping in. Each gecko had brought a yellow colour object. They placed all of the objects on the table in the classroom. The sneak peak of these objects are cars, dolls, toys. Some of our parents were so connected to the colour day celebrations they had sent mini surprises in their snack box by packing  fruits, custard and etc.

The favourite hour of the day was when geckos were participating in the show and tell activity. Everyone who came to the stage to speak about the yellow colour object that they have brought in were oozing happiness and joy. The facilitators were beaming with pride when the confident little commentators described the yellow objects with expressiveness, flair and ease. The whole day at the Gaudium was so beautiful like a garden filled with yellow colour flowers. Throughout the day, yellow colour awareness was spread among the geckos and for complete understanding of the same multiple recapitulations were done. This Colour brought in lot of Intellectual energy and positive vibes our campus.


Some moments: