Our geckos are learning about stories and the elements of a story. To reiterate the elements of the story- characters, we had a character parade, where geckos were encouraged to dress up as their favourite character from a carefully chosen book – fiction or nonfiction.

After assembly our geckos lined up with their teachers at the end of the Amphitheatre and walked through it. Pre-primary geckos and teachers lined a section of the pathway and clapped and encouraged our students as they walked through.  After the parade, students went off to their classrooms to share with others their favourite character and their costume in detail. Each child had the opportunity to explain who their character was, what story they were from, what aspects they found most interesting.

This was a great opportunity to have a discussion on the characters. The focus here was to understand the character and encourage each other to speak about the character.

Children put themselves in the place of a character which provides great opportunities for higher order thinking.

They dressed as their favorite characters from their favorite books and participated in the parade. Wearing their costumes students paraded in their costumes across the auditorium stage to the cheers of the crowd and camera flashes of the photographer.

Later they reflected on their favourite character on papers. It was very heartwarming to see geckos putting so much effort in dressing as their favourite character and reflecting on it.  Our geckos enjoyed the parade.


Few pics: