Our Geckos were taken to The  State Archeological Museum as a part of the current inquiry economic activities, as the inquiry develops around the concept of money the trip to the museum gave them a proper knowledge on the evolution of money.

The geckos were first taken to a bronze gallery where in they saw various artifacts made out of bronze and other metals like gold, cooper, glass, iron, brass. The curiosity of the students was marvelous as they observed every detail and were asking question related to the artifacts. They have seen coins that were used in the olden days which were dated to 10th and 11th century. They had seen pictures of coins used during the period of Sri Krishandevaraya which were made of gold.

They understood that coins as a form of money have undergone several changes over a period of time till the modern design and denomination.  They were able to identify the different metals used for designing the coins that were used as money. It helped them understand the value and importance of money in our day to day life. The trip was quite effective in gaining knowledge.