“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine” – Mike Murdock

Our nursery Geckos are inquiring into “School Routines” while learning to organize their little lives. In the process of doing so, the facilitators have been trying to help them understand the importance of being organized and following a routine to be a “Responsible Gecko”. The biggest problem our tiny ones and their parents face is “time management” in the early hours of the day. Our daily school routine starts at home. First, geckos get up from bed early in the morning, then they do their morning duties. They wash their teeth and brush their teeth and then take a little physical exercise. Next, they dress themselves to go to school. These may seem like small chores but they sure are big ones for nursery children who are still in the process of adapting the nature of a schooling system.

To make our geckos understand much better and the importance of routine, we facilitators had shown them the theater. The theater included two students, one who follow the daily routine and the other who does not follow the daily routine and what are the impacts of life when we follow and when we do not follow the routines for ourselves.

Geckos were very enthusiastic, excited and also curious to watch the show. After the theater, the geckos had clearly understood the real meaning of routine and if they follow the daily routine their lives would be organized, enthusiastic and they would be much more responsible and committed. They also understood if they do not follow the routine, they will become lazy and lose out on different activities that happen in school and end up being a sad person.

Over all the theater has enlightened geckos how important it is to follow our daily routine.


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