Our geckos of PP1 had an extraordinary start for the day as they were excited to go on a field trip to the nearby police station on February 5, 2019. This field trip was really an add-on for their ongoing unit of inquiry “Community Helpers”. The geckos were well prepped to ask questions that they have regarding the police station and the community helpers in it. During the travel time in the bus from school to the police station, the geckos discussed and showcased a lot of enthusiasm to watch how the police force functions and how they contribute to the community.

As soon as we reached the police station all the geckos greeted the officials with their matchless smiles. The police staff were kind enough to take time and explain to our children about the different departments in a police station and walked them throughout the police station. One of the officials spoke to the geckos about how they function and explained the process they follow when a crime takes place. They even took the geckos to each cabinet and explained them how they work.

It was a great interactive session among the police officials and the geckos. The Geckos asked many questions like “Where are the handcuffs?” “Where is the thief kept?” “Where is the gun?” To answer their queries the police officer brought out the handcuffs and demonstrated how it functions. They even took the children to watch where the thief is kept and the geckos by seeing the sight of it said that the prison is here, and the prisoners stay. This sight was spectacular as it attracted all the geckos. Some of the geckos said, “Police Uncle I know your phone number.” This amazed the police staff that the kids are so much into their learning and they have been so vocal about their learning.

Throughout the police station tour our geckos were principled and had a good span of attention. They were eagerly waiting to watch how the setup of the police station looks and at the end of the tour the geckos even saw the police car and also listened to the horn. As a gesture, the police staff honked for them and they were so amazed and cheerful by listening to it.

Once all the geckos had finished the tour of the police station, we assembled near the lawn right in front of the police station to click pictures and as a token of great hospitality by the police staff the geckos handed over a thank you card for being part of their classroom learning.

This field trip was really an informative session, and this showed off well when the geckos reflected on the field trip once they got back to their school. The reflections spoke a lot of how a field trip marks its way in an inquiry.


A few photos: