“Research suggests that high-quality career counselling services can have long-term desirable effects on a child’s overall well-being leading to an accomplished professional and personal life, as it is based on his inherent qualities along with taking an informed decision…”

We at Gaudium believe that to get the best possible results for our students we need to move past the conventional ways of teaching and start giving students practical assistance. A planned approach on matters of utmost importance such as stream selection and college selection will

go a long way in students life guiding his/her success. Students and parents alike are riddled

with anxiety when they have to make these important life-changing decisions.

In an ongoing endeavour to support our students and parents, a college counselling session was conducted on February 2, 2019, for students and parents of grade 8 to 10 at the school campus.The main objective of the college and career counselling session was to reach out; to share and assist the student and parent community in making informed choices of curriculum, choices of subjects and know the requirements for higher education.


Some key moments: