Geckos of grade 5 are learning about components and interactions in an ecosystem. To take their understanding to next level they visited an aquarium which is a manmade ecosystem and observed the biotic and abiotic components in an aquarium. The geckos saw some very beautiful fresh water fishes like Parrot fish, tiny sharks, floral fish and many more. There was a marine water aquarium with a variety of Sea anemone, three dot damsel and Sea angel fish. Most amazing part was the movement of a variety of Sea anemone. They could see the texture and how its body was gently moving.  They observed different models of aquarium with different variety of fishes. It was a beautiful and amazing experience for them. Most of the aquariums were receiving a constant supply of oxygen for fishes to breathe. The geckos interacted and found how the light which was a part of each aquarium box plays an important role in regulating the temperature of water as there is no sunlight. The geckos also saw some Sucker cat fish which were mostly seen attached to the glass of aquarium with its mouth. These fishes prefer darkness and are nocturnal.Learning Outcome: It was a great experience as they were able to connect their learning of living and non-living components and their interactions. Since there were no aquatic plants in an aquarium so in order to provide a balanced environment for fishes to survive it is necessary to provide them constant supply of oxygen.

Coordinator: Home Room Teacher


Some highlights of the visit: