School management has organized a guest lecture on Role Model for grade 2 students.   The speaker of the lecture was Ms Nithya Gandhee, who is a National athletic champion.  Our Guest Ms. Nitya who is a national level Runner, was overwhelmed by the warm welcome of our tiny tots of Grade 2.

In her lecture, Ms Nithya discussed about her achievements and how she managed her academics as well as her career.

The entire motivational talk was about our theme ‘Who we are’.  In her talk, she encouraged our geckos to dream big and believe in self.  During this session, our geckos inquired about her goal and how she achieved it, which she patiently answered and motivated kids to dream big.  This session also helped our geckos to set dreams and goals and choose a path to walk.  “Think positive and think impossible to possible” is what our geckos learnt from this session. She said that anything is possible as along we are confident and believe in ourselves that we can achieve anything in our life.

Session ended with geckos giving her a ‘Thank You’ card as a token of remembrance.


Some highlights: