Career counselling is imperative as it helps identify the real potential in a student and help to aim for the career which is the most suitable for a student. In the process of career development, a good higher education in an esteemed university is noteworthy, and so is being prepared and ready for it. Often, students are confused and ill-equipped for the various processes and preparations they are required to do for it. Here, at The Gaudium, no stones are left unturned to make sure the Geckos are well-equipped for the future. To bring such opportunities for our geckos a webinar was organized where the geckos had the unique opportunity to interact and clarify their doubts directly with the representatives from acclaimed global universities.

The career webinar session was organized by College Board on 7th and 8th August 2020 which gave the students and parents the opportunity to directly interact with Admissions Leaders from some of the top universities in the world like MIT, Columbia University, University of Cambridge, Purdue University, Hong Kong University, Yale NUS University, McGill University and University of Melbourne. College Board is a not-for-profit organization that helps students connect to colleges and in the process expand their access to higher education, thus increasing opportunities for the students to succeed in making the right choice.

The webinar session commenced with an introduction on the College Board and thereafter introducing the members present in the webinar. A preface was shared with the participants on how the organization works and how it helps the students. From not only connecting students to the colleges, but they also offer various programs and services to help make the students university ready including programs such as SAT and Advance Placement Program. They updated that the College Board is the agency through which students can register for the PSAT, SAT and AP. 35 leading Indian universities now also accept SAT scores from Indian students when it comes to admission.

Each university representative introduced themselves in the webinar and spoke about their work experience. They gave valuable information on the programs which are offered in their respective university, the entry requirements and also a brief description of the application process.  Each of the universities proclaimed that they are offering a ‘Hybrid’ model for the 2020 applicants which implies that education would be online. They also notified that the application requirements would remain the same in the coming year as well. Few universities informed about the entrance exams such as SAT or ACT are optional when it comes to admissions. However, they also specified that if the students are looking for scholarships then they do require SAT scores. Other key factors were also discussed which are crucial for reviewing applications in the coming year such as ‘Letter of Recommendations’ from the school and academic performance of the student.

The session was a very conducive one for the high school geckos and their parents as they received appropriate information on the various universities’ admission criteria thus paving the way for them to plan ahead for their successful career. The webinar concluded with a vote of thanks to all the participants.


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