As we nurture the dream of holistic development of our geckos, parent-teacher interactions play a vital role in achieving this goal. The discussions that take place among parents, teachers, Coordinator and the Principal strengthen the bond among the stakeholders and opens up communications where the child’s aptitude and achievements are acknowledged. It is especially crucial to have complete clarity when the students are in Grade 12.

This event helped foster that bond and was successfully conducted for the geckos of Grade 12, CBSE, through the virtual medium on 31st July and 1st August 2020. Since it is a very crucial period for the children studying in CBSE- Grade 12 as they will appear for the Board Exams and get immense pride for our school, it is very vital to keep communication channels between the parents and the school open. The Con-Connect was a very personal meeting as the teachers took out time to solely discuss each and every student at a time.

The session started with all the subject and concerned teachers present as each of the student’s parents joined the meeting at their communicated time. The teachers individually discussed with the parents about the particular child’s progress and how he/she is faring in their studies. Apart from discussions on academic performance, the teachers also shared their minute observations, detailed nuances which they considered relevant in the behaviour, performance and future of the geckos. The parents participated in the session enthusiastically and were keen to find out the difficulties faced by their children which they might be shy of discussing, and get viable solutions from the teachers based on their observations. They also received praise for the geckos and also details on the areas where the children need to work on.

The parents appreciated the efforts taken by the CBSE teachers, Principal and the Coordinator to take out time for such detailed analysis of their wards. The team of teachers is highly motivated and committed to the success of this first Grade 12 batch of students and for that, they assure to leave no stone unturned. We hope to get constant support from the parents’ to help make this first outgoing batch of CBSE Grade 12 real champions!


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