Words can inspire. And words can destroy, Choose yours well

– This quote by Robin Sharma is apt in the context of the recently conducted counselling session on “Choice of Words”. The session was conducted by Ms Sukanya Das, the school counsellor and the IBDP Psychology Facilitator, for the students of Grades 6 to 8 on 10th August 2020. The usage of appropriate words when it comes to communicating thoughts, feelings, and actions to be taken, is essential in the process of going ahead in life. The manner one speaks can make a person more confident and empowered and it can also destroy someone’s confidence and abilities just that quickly. Hence the choice of words can dictate one’s life- either in a positive direction or in a negative way. Words are very powerful, they can be weapons of conflict and confusion and also tools for encouragement, clarity and harmony.

The session also was on ‘Core values’ which is an essential characteristic of The Gaudium School’s Mission, Vision and Philosophy. The students at Gaudium are encouraged to achieve Joy through Integrity, Perseverance, Compassion, Appreciation, Humility, Respect and Tolerance. The session additionally also counselled the students on online classroom etiquettes wherein the students participated in understanding the essential agreements for the smooth functioning of an online class. The aim of the session was to ensure a student friendly environment with technical aids and protocols to adapt to this new normal condition of online classroom setting. From the importance of logging in on time, having a stable internet connection, cameras to be turned on during any session, microphone to be on mute while listening, to raising hands and waiting for the turn to speak were some of the etiquettes that were taught to the geckos during the session. It is very important for every student of The Gaudium School to reflect on these core values and understand its importance and practice them in their everyday lessons.

The geckos participated actively in the session and shared their views and opinions putting across examples of their classroom environment comprising the core values. The session also helped them to understand the beauty of diversity in a classroom and the importance of giving equal respect to all teachers and classmates. They also shared one of the core values on which they believe that they have to work on. The session was a beautiful experience of enriching the students and inculcate the Gaudium core values and shine bright with ‘Joy”.


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