It has been many months that the geckos have been virtually present in school and have had the lovely cherishing experience of enjoying breakfast together with their classmates and homeroom teachers. To relive the same experience of having breakfast together, a ‘Bonding over Breakfast’ session was organized for the energetic geckos of Grade 3 and Grade 5 on the beautiful Saturday morning of 25th July 2020. The children were asked to be ready with their breakfast and log in to their class for this casual interaction.

Needless to say, the session was hugely successful as it culminated in a merry bonding event between the students, peers and the teachers. Some geckos were pretty relaxed, while many of them were super excited! Many shared their experience of prepping up for this event! Some of the enthusiastic geckos even prepared their own breakfast or joined in to give a helping hand to their parents who prepared the meal. 8:30 am on a Saturday, who would believe that the children are up and ready; excited to meet their peers and teachers and share their most important meal of the day together, albeit virtually? These are the enthusiasm of the Gaudium geckos!

The Homeroom teachers started off the session by giving a warm welcome to the students in their classes. After the ‘Good morning’ wishes and exchanging of greetings, all started with their breakfasts and discussed their favourite breakfasts, the usual ones and what was special in their plate that day! With the conversation pleasant and revolving around breakfast mainly, the children came up with interesting suggestions of food. Many geckos were interested in what their teachers were having and what their personal favourite dishes were. The classrooms were also joined by the subject teachers, counsellors and the principal and it was a very pleasant bonding experience. It is beautiful that innovative experiences such as these, even during this current time of the pandemic, help us to connect and strengthen our bonds and create new memories on the way.


Some highlights: