College application plays a crucial role and is a deciding factor to lead one on the chosen career path. A well-written essay is very advantageous as it gives the student an opportunity to stand out from other applicants and demonstrate their qualities. Hence, to guide the students of The Gaudium, a session was organized on “How to write an Effective College Application Essay” on 18th July 2020. The key-note speaker of the webinar was Ms Sharda from the Manya group who is a senior Admission Consultant and specializes in helping aspiring students get admission in their desired college.

Ms Sharda explained about the significance and impact that an essay can create while filing the application. These documents should be unique, individual and should carry the essence of uniqueness of the student. It is essential to have the necessary documents ready and well-prepared ahead, before they start applying to the universities of their choice. Among the resume, letters of recommendations and the college application essay, the essay carries a lot of weightage.

The speaker not only cited the importance of each of the documents which have to be articulately written, but also shared tips and details on how to effectively compose them. For the essay to be effective and impactful on the reader, viz the University Admission Officer, she suggested that a storytelling approach is a good way to go ahead. It can have the experience of learning from setbacks and obstacles which are already experienced firsthand by the student. The lessons learnt and how it has positively impacted the student in his/her personal growth is a story which will definitely capture the attention without sounding like bragging or desperation. The speaker also gave important tips on the various useful dos and don’ts in writing the essay which the students found very helpful. She conveyed the significance of prioritizing quality on content rather than quantity in the essay.

She also shared career advice on how to write an effective resume and also spoke about the importance of ‘Letters of Recommendations’. She emphasized on the relevance and the interdependence on these documents along with the college application essay. The session was a complete package of knowledge and motivation for the students to work on their college application process and endeavour towards their prosperous future.


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