Circle time is also called group time, refers to any time that a group of people are sitting together for an activity involving everyone. It is a special time to share rhymes, songs, play rhythmic instruments, do relaxation activities or  read a story. Circle time provides a time for listening, developing attention span, promoting oral communication, and learning new concepts and skills. It is a time for auditory memory, sensory experiences, socialization and a time for fun. It also has roots in social group work and in solution focused therapeutic approaches.(

During the current situation we are conducting circle time in a manner where every student gets the chance to talk and share their views on different topics and experiences that they have in their day to day life. Especially while they are forced to spend maximum time indoors. Every age group has a story to tell, they not only share their daily experiences but also share the important news which are connected to the current situation locally and globally. Social interactions are very important for students to develop their communication skills, circle time is a medium to overcome this barrier and encourage students to have casual interactions with their friends and teachers. This time is also used to talk with their friends about their inquiry, stories, thoughts  etc. Through circle time students feel relaxed.

As teachers we feel the need to understand apart from teaching we should give a child an opportunity where they can talk without any hesitation and from there, we are able to understand them and help them to achieve their goals and overcome their fears and challenges in a  more beautiful way.  Every child is different and has different views and thoughts. We should respect each thought and circle time is the best time to explore and encourage them.

To conclude I would like to bring in  one quote:

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty-Albert Einstein.

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