The challenging present scenario, where everywhere in the world, work-from-home is the new norm and for school going students, the mandate is to learn from home. In this virtual schooling process, The Gaudium School teachers have gone beyond and above for their curious PYP learners to stimulate an environment which will make them feel like they are present in their very own classroom. From adopting the virtual classrooms and making every valiant effort to enrich the learning experience for the geckos, the educators are doing the best as possible.

The introduction of technology in the classroom has helped enrich and enhance the pedagogical process. Tools such as Interactive Whiteboards, Virtual Reality, Google classroom, Video and Game based learning among many others have transformed the new-age classroom and made learning more interesting than ever before. The young geckos of PYP are enjoying their virtual schooling and interactions with their teachers and classmates and always look up to it.


Some highlights: