Being the UOI topic Relationship PP1 Geckos are learning about different concepts related to relationship around them. After 5 weeks of learning journey the tiny tots reflected their learning in the assembly. The Geckos of other pre-primary classes, PP facilitators, our respected Principal, admin Head and the coordinators were present to witness our kids performing and sharing their knowledge with others.
The PP1 students of all the sections were divided into 4 groups. The first group spoke about different concepts they learnt like Central idea, lines of inquiries, types of family, extended family, paternal & maternal family, quality of a good friend, important elements of healthy relationship and chores. The 2nd group performed the theatre based on famous Krishna-sudama friendship. Next group came up with rhymes and songs based on family and friends and last group depicted themselves as different characters of a family. The Geckos very confidently presented their knowledge on the stage and proved themselves  as good reflectors and communicators. Each and every Gecko was part of the event and helped in making it a successful event.

Facilitators: PP1 Home Room Teachers


Some moments: