On 6th August 2016, the geckos of grade 5 went to Aurobindo Pharma Research and development centre for doing their assessment. The geckos of grade 5 were given a task to make an advertisement of the school which included making brochures, video commercial, designing logo and putting up a kiosk. The Aurobindo pharmaceutical office was the right place to do it. The geckos presented their advertisement to almost 1500 people which included scientists, pharmacist, research associates and many more. It was an honor for the geckos to present their work to such a big audience. Not only that the geckos were given a guided tour of the labs and research activities. Finally the geckos enjoyed the sumptuous meals and snacks provided by the staff of APL. It was such a good learning experience and an innovative way of having assessments.

Facilitator: Mrs. Jennifer


Some highlights: