Here is the most awaited part of the Unit of Inquiry, Summative Assessment. The learning came to be fruitful when it comes to real life application. For that we have planned our summative assessment accordingly. We executed the summative assessment through three stages – planning, preparation and presentation. We have started our planning one month before the assessment. As the theme of the second unit of inquiry was “how we organize ourselves”, our topic of inquiry was measurement. As the unit of inquiry is compartmentalized into six stages, our Geckos came to know about the older methods of measurement, importance of standard system of measurement, difference between English and metric system of measurement, units of measurement etc…

For the summative assessment we have planned something interesting which Geckos can involve and evolve themselves and at the same time it would help them to highlight their reflection of the inquiry. The major questions  we tried to resolve were ‘What to do? and How to do?’.Our life itself is the greatest platform of experiences, experiments and examinations, IB curriculum is taking each step with a vision of better harmonized living. Keeping this in mind, we just wanted our Geckos to come up with some basic realization of daily life i.e., Measurement is inevitable for everyone at everywhere at anytime. Clothing, food and shelter are the basic necessities of human life and existence. After rigorous planning we stick on to making of mug cakes and puppet house.
Through class room discussions we introduced the importance and the nature of summative assessment to Geckos. We have done some ground work to erase the stage fear and inhibitions of our Geckos. During the hours of literacy, Geckos were given the chance to participate in the elocution and in circle time they motivated to speak about anything under the sky. All these efforts found to be successful to certain extent. Fifty percent of our Geckos were new to this form of assessment.

After framing the layout of what to do? We need to find out the solution for how to do? As our school is equipped with efficient and resourceful hands we are confident that our summative assessment will be successful. Our major concern was how to do the doll’s house and puppets. For puppet house we had two options, one is cardboard and the other is plywood. Mr. Sahoo (Art & Craft Facilitator) and grade 3B Geckos took the effort to do the puppet house with cardboard. Mr. Sahoo involved our Geckos in taking the measurement and cutting of cardboard. They found it to be as fun to paint the puppet house and decorated it. Here they have used tools like inch tape, cutter, knife and scissor. Geckos became researcher and thinker after dong this task.

Our grade 3A Geckos have made the puppet house using the plywood with the help of carpenter Mr. Dilip Sharma. They marked and took the measurement of plywood. It was quite an experience for our Geckos to watch how a carpenter is working with cutting machine and inch tape. They realize the importance of accuracy of measurement in building design and construction. As we have done with our preparation of puppet house, next focus was for mug cake. The mug cake team was given with the recipe and resources. Our little geckos developed the attitude of curiosity, confidence   and independence with this task. They were anxious to do the cake because the recipe is so simple as they can finish the process of mixing and baking within three minutes. For baking the cake each class was provided with an oven in their respective classes.

In the next level we need our Geckos to integrate their learning with music. For that we got the support from Mr. Rohit (Music Facilitator). They learned the lyrics & music within short span of minutes and synchronized within their group. We were sure that this music integration will highlight this exhibition.

Going further we totally involved to find one name for our exhibition. Mrs. Reshma (Facilitator of English) has give given her input and we have named our exhibition as “THE QUANTIFIERS’ SHOW”. One of the important highlight of the show was our entire GAUDIUM FAMILY played a role of their own. We got the help of Grade5 Geckos in a different way. As they have done with their UOI advertisement, they were easily able to connect the promotion part of the exhibition and the Grade5 Geckos extended their support in making promotion poster and we have displayed it in the nook & corner of our GAUDIUM.
Finally our day has arrived. Our Geckos took their position charged with confidence and motivation given by our co-coordinators (Mrs. Kiran & Mithali.) They have done their entrusted duties wonderfully. Mrs. Hema Surapaneni our beloved principal visited each class and she was welcomed by the Geckos. She enjoyed their journey of learning by tasting the mug cakes. She found it as a big treat with their songs. Our entire GAUDIUM family visited the exhibition and marked their remarks. Their words & deeds were really an inspiring energy booster for our coming UOI. With added confidence and determination to correct our mistakes, we are stepping towards our next UOI.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


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