Being the UOI topic “Shelter”  PP1 Geckos are learning about different types of houses and evolution of house ; How has the structure of house changed over a period of time. In order to learn about different materials used to build a strong building/house, the PP1 Geckos were taken on a field trip to the construction site of our Kollur campus. The learners were very excited to  witness something which is under construction and is in the process of turning into a full fledge building. After reaching there they observed different materials being used by the workers. They had an interaction with the site incharge Mr.Rajesh,  who explained to them about each and every material used in detail and also allowed our Geckos to touch and feel those materials. He told them the importance of the foundation of any house that it must be deep and solid enough for the house/building to stand firmly on the ground for decades. The students brought back the sample of these materials, which is part of our inquiry table now.

Our curious Geckos asked many question to the site incharge Mr.Rajesh i.e what are these materials called? Do they use same materials for building all the structures? How do they mix different materials? What is the name of the vehicle they use in building these buildings.

Learning Outcome- Learners got a hands on experience of the materials used to build strong houses.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some highlights: