The Intermediate Badminton Team of Sportopia had one-of-a-kind experience and exposure on 13th November 2020. They got an opportunity to visit the Internationally acclaimed Gopichand Academy for a performance base analyzing test. The excitement was intense- the buzz of playing with the students of Gopichand Academy was evident in the Team. They were brimming with energy and enthusiasm, ready to bounce into action. The team’s spirit soar to new highs as Mr. Rajendra – Head Coach at the academy announced that this team will be visiting there weekly for their training henceforth!

The students of the Gopichand Academy warmly welcomed our Sportopia Badminton team and they sprung into action with a warm-up round. Playing with an experienced team of players did make the students a bit nervous and jittery initially; but they soon overcame their struggle and held their composure as they eased into playing their natural game. Icing on the cake was, Mr. Gopichand personally witnessed and keenly observed the players’ performance. He appreciated their game and agility and gave valuable suggestions. Every student got an opportunity to play four to five matches consisting of singles and doubles, the experience was absolutely re-freshening and memorable for the new Sportopia badminton students.

Going out and playing in a new and established platform, not only gave the students an excellent experience but also exposed them to the players outside their academy, made them aware of the competition and gave them the necessary boost to train hard and perform well. They are all looking forward to their weekly training session outings and are very happy with this collaboration.


Some highlights: