Children rely on adults to help them with many things. Their innocent trusting nature is amiable however; there is also a need to teach children to be safe. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by people who don’t have the right intentions. It’s a tricky balance to help kids understand safety without making them wary of everyone they meet.

We made rules to promote safety that included: never accept a ride from a stranger, make sure a parent knows where you are at all times, don’t reveal personal information to strangers and keep the door locked and don’t answer the door if you are alone at home.

Facilitators of PP2 presented a theatre on Red riding hood story to make children aware of the stranger danger.

“Little Red Riding Hood” is a popular fairy tale. It is the story of a little girl going to take food to her sick grandmother. Her mother warns her to go straight there and not to talk to strangers. On the way, however, the little girl meets a friendly wolf and divulges where she is going. He beats her there, eats her grandmother and jumps into bed. Pretending to be the grandmother, the wolf leads the little girl along before finally eating her as well. Fortunately, someone comes along to save Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.

Children through the story understood that one must never trust strangers. Even a very friendly stranger may have very bad intentions. Little Red Riding Hood finds herself in danger because she talks to the wolf and naively points out the direction of her grandmother’s house. In-spite of her mother’s advice, to not to talk to strangers and not to stray from the path.

Geckos enjoyed the story and reflected that Red riding hood got into trouble because she didn’t listen to her mom and spoke to the stranger.  Later Children reflected on their safe circle.


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