Geckos performed a theater on ‘The Colosseum’, one of the Seven Wonders of the World as a part of their Unit of Inquiry on “World Heritage”. The clear aim of the theater was to bring an understanding of the history of this heritage site and in such sessions children are encouraged to listen to each other’s ideas and thoughts, and to take turns. These activities allow children to recognize the value of concentration; a skill that is vital in the world outside their home.Our geckos were knowledgeable as they learnt about the Roman Empire and the rulers involved in the construction of the Colosseum during their UOI and were presenting it to the rest of the school, through which they imparted their knowledge to their peers.

The theater began in the amphitheater of our school. It was about the history of how Colosseum was built. Each actor, from the smallest role to the largest, had their moments and knew exactly what they were supposed to be doing. Our geckos were confident while enacting the whole play. The geckos designed their own props for the show which was elegant and relevant for the show.

Our geckos gained how to control their emotional intelligence and ability to cooperate even in stressful moments like a stage performance. Their participation in pretend play (when children must take on the language of the role they are playing) all contributed in developing their vocabulary. They were encouraged to express themselves both verbally and through facial expressions and body language which is key to making them better and more effective communicators.They explored a range of different themes and introduced the other children to different real and imaginary situations, sparking their interest in the world in which they live and making them more inquisitive (and therefore more interesting!) little people.

Geckos are better able to understand their emotions and develop empathy with others.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some highlights: