Guest speakers have become an important part of the educational experience for students. They expose students to real life experiences with pet animals. Students get to know how to take care of pet animals.

Being the current unit of inquiry “Animals” the Geckos are inquiring about different types of animals around them. To enhance their knowledge about taking care of pet animals, a guest speaker, Mr.Bhanu Chander, who is associated with “Blue Cross Organization”, which works for the welfare of stray pet animals, was invited to the school. He showed a few videos about how they rescue and give shelter to stray pet animals. He spoke about his experience and also shared his knowledge about the behavior and handling of pet animals.
We got ‘Happy and Lucky’(dogs) from our Gaudium petting zoo and the guest speaker demonstrated  how to touch and play with dogs and to understand their actions. Geckos were enthusiastic to touch and interact with ‘Happy and Lucky’. They also got to know the difference between domestic and wild animals.

The Geckos enjoyed the session a lot and showed a lot of empathy and integrity towards pet animals. The learners also reflected their views about different pet animals.

One important benefit that is derived from having a guest speaker is the enhancement of social skills by learning different ways to interact with pet animals and geckos will be committed towards animals.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some highlights: