The current unit of inquiry for PP1 is “Community Helpers” .This theme was chosen to bring awareness amongst children on how the different people help us in our daily life and absence of any helper from the society would hamper the smooth running of any society. Hence, it is our duty to sensitise our kids ,at young age, towards community workers.

To create awareness of people who help us in our day to day life; an event called ‘Career Day’ was organized, where Children dressed up as different community helpers, teacher, doctor, police man, soldier, fireman, carpenter, tailor, nurse etc. They also spoke about what they are dressed as and how they are important for the society.

The aim behind this event was to bring out the sense of reverence and acknowledgment by our young kids towards the community helpers. Through this activity they were able to recognise these helpers who are the backbones of a society. This activity also enhanced confidence and inculcate values like sense of gratitude, self-esteem and most importantly dignity of labour.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some highlights: