Grade: PP1

Event: Theatre on Community Helpers

Date: 11 January 2018

Topic: Community Helpers.

The PP1 Geckos continued their learning journey of inquiring into “Community Helpers”. Having understood the central idea, the children are now quite clear about the various roles that people play to contribute to a community. They are not only aware of the jobs and kind of work that various community helpers perform, but also realize the responsibility that comes along with the role.

Keeping up with all the learning, it was time to go further and understand how these individuals work together to help the community to work in an organized way.

Role play is an age old learning technique which children have been using unknowingly to learn about their environment. We used this learning engagement by providing a supportive environment (a community set-up) so that the children could explore realistic situations (as community helpers) by interacting with other people (customers).

Our multi-purpose hall was magically transformed into a ‘mini community’ where there was a restaurant, salon, hospital, pharmacy, police station and post office too.  We had little chefs, waiters and helpers serving our restaurant customers where they offered a biscuits and coffee apart from other things on a gecko made menu card. Meanwhile the patients waited for their turn in the hospital where the little doctors and nurses were very busy in a surgery and others in ear checkups. We also had customers at the pharmacy where our Gecko pharmacist carefully read the prescription before giving the medicine. Our small Police officer ran with his hand cuffs, behind thieves who were picking pockets of the customers at various shops. We also had fruit vendors yelling “Fruits lelo, vegetables lelo” who were selling their goods in exchange for newspaper made money. Our barber made sure he gave the best haircut to keep his customers look beautiful. Most of our customers received mails from the postman as they were busy participating the in the community.

Our geckos’ enthusiasm was at its peak as they played each role perfectly and very confidently, for it isn’t easy to perform in front of entire school. Our Principal, teachers and admin staff apart from higher grade geckos participated and thoroughly enjoyed being part of our learning experience.


Some pics of the event: