Date: 11th January 2018

Venue: Kollur campus

Participants: preprimary geckos and facilitators.

Learning objective: Our geckos learnt about significance of Makar Sankranti celebration in Telangana state.

Makar Sankranti (also known as Makara Sankranti or Maghi) is a festival day in the Hindu calendar, in reference to deity Surya (sun). It is observed each year in January. It marks the first day of sun’s transit into the Makara (Capricorn), marking the end of the month with the winter solstice and the start of longer days. Being a festival that celebrates the solar cycle, it usually falls on the same Gregorian date every year.

The festivities are known by various names such as Lohri by north Indian Hindus and Sikhs, Makara Sankranti (Pedda Pandaga) in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Sukarat in central India, Magh Bihu by Assamese, and Pongal by Tamils.

Our school organised special assembly for Sankrathi where our PP geckos came in colourful dresses and carried a sweet to share with their friends. Facilitators decorated amphitheatre with colourful rangoli and flowers. Geckos were instated about the facts and celebration of Makar Sankranthi. They were told that Sankranti is celebrated for four days in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana – Bhoghi, Makar Sankranti, Kanuma and Mukkanuma. They were told the significance of each day in detail.

Telugu speaking facilitators sang local songs and children danced with them. Later to enhance the festivities in the children, they made takeaway of kites made with colourful paper.  Geckos very enthusiastically shared their sweets with the teachers and their friends.


Some colourful pics: