Geckos in their current unit of inquiry are exploring about different forms of art. Mr. Sandeep Sahu, our theatre play facilitator was invited as a guest speaker to share his knowledge with our geckos on “Theatre play”.

Mr. Sandeep began his session by showing a “Mudra” which is a symbolic hand gesture representing some meaning to it. The geckos enthusiastically followed the mudra and acted in accordance to its symbolic meaning.

Later Mr. Sandeep discussed about the importance of body language and facial expressions in drama. These non-verbal communication plays an important role in how we express ourselves.

The geckos were asked to emote different expressions to express their feelings in different scenarios given. They had to communicate only through gestures and facial expressions while their peers guessed what is being communicated.

The students gained brief understanding of theatre performance and understood the key elements to communicate and express through theatre as performing art.

Post the guest talk, children reflected on what they learnt from the guest talk on theatre as performing art and one thing they found interesting regarding it.


Some pictures: